“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

If you suffer of work related stress and depression, you may need to re-evaluate your priorities in order to achieve a healthier work/life balance. Work is an important part of our life and when things go well, our career is a source of excitement and satisfaction. However, when expectations at work exceed what we are able to give, or we struggle to relate to colleagues or people in authority, we may end up feeling inadequate and stuck.

Work related stress and depression can cause psychological, emotional, physical and behavioural problems, such as the following:

If you can see yourself in what has been described above and feel that you are not able at this point in time to sort things out on your own, you may find beneficial to see a professional outside your work or social circle. Whether you are dealing with a specific issue or a number of them, you may find that talking them through with a professional can help you to make sense of what is happening to you, set healthy boundaries and clarify with yourself what you can do to change your current situation. Depending on the type of issue and your preference I can see you for time-limited or open-ended therapy sessions. Timescale and objectives will be agreed during our initial appointment.