“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”

Loss is part of everyone’s life and yet one of the most difficult events to cope with. Loss refers to bereavement but also to other life events such as divorce, retirement, redundancy, illness, long-term disability, aging, losses resulting from war, violence and abuse.
These experiences can be excruciating painful and may be life changing. They often are traumatising events which leave us feeling hopeless, disoriented, angry and emotionally overwhelmed.
I believe that we are all traumatised one way or another. Trauma often shatters our sense of safety to the point that we end up feeling alone in a dangerous world. We may be haunted by disturbing memories, having problems to sleep or eat, we may isolate from others and have a general disinterest in taking care of ourselves. In more extreme cases we may experience panic attacks, memory loss, numbness and detachment from our surroundings.

If you feel trapped in the spiral of loss and trauma; if you cannot think straight and your usual coping mechanisms are not effective as they used to, you may benefit from sharing your emotional burden with a professional who is there to hear you and will go through this difficult time with you.
My priority is to allow my client to share whatever he/she feels comfortable with, without any pressure on my part as I want my client to feel safe and contained. In my work I am interested in anything you bring to me, the present and the past but I also always keep an open eye to the future. I can support you to make sense of what it has been and what it is now, and work with you on building a healthier present and a more hopeful future.